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Gilbarco Eclipe


Gilbarco Encore


Gilbarco Advantage


Gilbarco MPD


Gilbarco Legacy
  • CommercialThis section covers the Legacy Commercial Head Area, Upper Panel Assemblies, Non-Computer Parts, Electric Reset and Manual Reset.
  • ElectronicsThis section covers the Legacy Computer Display (CD) Module, Bezel, CD Module Card Cage and Power Supply, Cables, Column Area and Putdown Area.
  • Frame SheathingThis section covers the Junction Box and Conduit, Hydraulic Manifold Area, Meter, Hose Retriever, Pulsers, Sump Area, Pump and Motor Area and Pump and Air Separator.
  • HydraulicsThis section covers the Discharge Piping for the Advantage, MPD, and the Blenders.


Gilbarco Atlas



Wayne Nucleus Parts
  • Store Controller and Indoor Payment Terminal This section covers controller and payment terminals for the Wayne Nucleus POS, including above and below the counter system parts.
  • PIN Keypads This section covers keypads for the Wayne Nucleus POS.
  • Data Distribution Cabinet This section covers data distribution for the Wayne Nucleus POS, including injected shell, mounting plate, and cable clamp.
  • Cables Cables This section covers cable assemblies for the Wayne Nucleus POS.


Wayne Plus Parts
  • Electronic Central and ComponentsThis section covers electronics for the Wayne Plus POS, including a interface kit, fan, bracket and cable assembly, distribution cabinet, pump relay cabinet, and EC power supply assembly.
  • Console and DisplayThis section covers console and display for the Wayne Plus POS, including card reader, base console, and customer PIN keypad assembly. It also includes a customer PIN keypad membrane and a customer display assembly.
  • CablesThis section covers cable parts for the Wayne Plus POS.


Premier C

Tokheim Premier C Parts
  • Connection BoxThis section covers the connection box assembly, speaker assembly, beeper/intercom assembly and MaxVac conduit assembly.
  • DialsThis section covers the money volume backlight display assembly, money volume dial assembly with No DPT, DPT and Insight. Also includes the dial assembly for DPT Dial, DPT TDS Dial, and Insight dial assembly. Cash acceptor dial assembly, printer and card reader dial assembly.
  • ElectronicsThis section covers the electrical component, power supply assembly, options power supply, wide range power supply, card cage, handles pulser barrier assembly, IS barrier assembly, DPT board assembly, Insight board assembly, router board assembly, and the cash acceptor mounting assembly.
  • HydraulicsThis section covers the meter transfer body assembly, gear train, totalizer assembly, meter hydraulics assembly, and the 898 positive displacement meter.
  • Outer ShellThis section covers the exterior sheet metal trim assembly, nozzle boot assembly, chassis assembly, head assembly, product ID panel assembly, and the valance assembly.
  • Remote ControlThis section covers the remote control system with the 898 Meters.
  • Suction SystemThis section covers the suction system, motor assembly, rotary pump assembly, rotary pump mounting assembly, and the rotary pump and air separator.

Premier B

Tokheim Premier B Parts
  • Connection Box This section covers the connection box assembly, speaker connection box, relay box, barrier conduit assembly and the buzzer assembly.
  • Cash & DPT DialsThis section covers the money volume display assembly, product ID panel assembly, cash acceptor assembly, Non-DPT assembly, dial assembly, printer dial assembly and the 1x5 keypad overlay and the DPT keypad overlay.
  • ElectronicsThis section covers the speaker assembly, options power supply, the card cage assembly, and the motor control power supply assembly.
  • HydraulicsThis section covers the discharge hydraulics, the maxvac system, outlet adapter, check valve assembly, blackmer pump assembly, maxvac pump assembly and the vapor return line.
  • Meters & PulsersThis section covers the 898 meter, totalizer assembly, pulser assembly and gear train assembly.
  • Outer ShellThis section covers the exterior sheet metal for the trim assembly, nozzle boot assembly chassis assembly, barrier plug, raceway assembly, valance assembly, head assembly, and the product panel.
  • Remote ControlThis section covers the remote control system, variable blender system, electronic blender system, modulating blend valve assembly, strainer assembly, and the check valve assembly.
  • Suction SystemThis section covers the suction system, motor assembly, vent tube assembly, rotary pump assembly, air separator and the mounting assembly.


Tokheim TCSA Parts
  • BlenderThis section covers Mechanical Blender System, Electronic Blender System, Blender Hydraulics Assembly, Modulating Valve & Conduit Assembly, 3-5 Product Variable Blender System and Unocal Spec Blender System.
  • DialsThis section covers Dial Latch Assembly, Dial Adapter Kit, Dial Assembly, Wiring Schematic, Speaker & Call Button Wiring, and One Piece Dial Blank Assembly.
  • Dispenser Payment TerminalThis section covers Dispenser Payment Terminal Assembly, Printer Box Assembly, Printer Assembly, Power Supply Assembly, and DPT Wiring Schematic.
  • ElectronicsThis section covers Connection Box Assembly, Ballast and Lamp Assemblies, Relay Assembly, Cage and Power Supply Assemblies, Miscellaneous Electrical Components, 3-5 Product Variable Blender, Wiring Schematics, and MaxVac Assemblies.
  • HydraulicsThis section covers Hydraulic Assembly, Discharge Hydraulics for High Hose, Vapor Recovery, 3-5 Product Variable Blender, Vapor Recovery System with Blackmer Pump, 17" High Hose, H411/H422A-R-V, MaxVac Low Discharge System, H413A & H426A Discharge Assembly, Discharge Assembly (MacVac), Outlet Adapter Assembly, Vapor Return Line Assembly, Check Valve Assembly, and MaxVac Discharge System.
  • Meter and Pulser AssembliesMeter & Hydraulic Assembly, Gear Train Assembly, Pulser Assembly 88D, Positive Displacement Type Meter 898K, and Totalizer Assembly.
  • MiscellaneousThis section covers Valance Assembly – High Hose, Light Box Assembly, Reel Channel Assembly, Sight Glass Assembly, and Valance Assembly – Lighted.
  • Outer ShellThis section covers Trim Assembly, Enclosure Assembly, Chassis Assembly, Nozzle Boot Assembly, Hose Magazine Assembly for TCS Low Profile, Access Panel Assembly, Door Assembly, and MaxVac Raceway Assembly.
  • Remote Control SystemThis section covers the Remote Control Hydraulics Assembly with Dual and Single Filter Design.
  • Suction SystemThis section covers Suction System, Motor Assembly, Rotary Pump Assembly, and Rotary Pump & Air Separator.


Tokheim 262A Parts
  • Connection BoxThis section covers the Connection Box and Conduit Assemblies, and Connection Box Assembly.
  • Discharge & SolenoidThis section covers Hydraulic Discharge Assemblies, Vapor Recovery Discharge Assemblies, Outlet & Pilot Valve Assemblies, 262A Solenoid Assemblies, Hydraulic Control Valve, 262A Sight Glass, and 262A-R Fuel Containment Pan Assembly.
  • ElectronicsThis section covers the Electronic Enclosure Assembly, Electronic Component and Power Supply Assembly, Contactor and Circuit Breaker Box (262A-HD 380 volt), Dial Assemblies, and Wiring Schematics.
  • Exterior TrimThis section covers the Trim and Post Trim Assembly, Chassis Assembly, Switch Box Assembly, Hose Clamp Assembly, Cable Reel Assembly, and Decalcomania.
  • High Volume SystemsThis section covers Tokheim Meter and Valve System, LC Meter System with Tokheim 1550 Valve, LC Meter with Skinner Valve, and High Volume (1550-15-SP-HV) Valve Assembly.
  • Meters & PulsersThis section covers the Positive Displacement Meter, Gear Train Assembly, Cable Drive Totalizer Assembly, Totalizer Assembly (inside mounting), Pulser & Gear Box Assembly, Pulser Assembly for 262A (Model 88D), Model 1450-15-SP-HV Meter Assembly-Gear Drive, and Model 1510 Calibrator Assembly.
  • Remote SystemsThis section covers Remote Control System for 262A-RC, Remote Control System for 262A-1 & 2-RC-TW, and Satellite Discharge Stub Assembly.
  • Suction SystemThis section covers Suction System for 262A, 262A-HD & 262A-1-TW, Suction System for 262A-2-TW, Suction System for 262A-HS, and Rotary Pump & Air Separator.



  • Connection BoxThis section covers the connection box assembly with Franklin assist vapor, vapor balance and non-vapor. Also includes the suction system and the speaker conduit assembly.
  • Electronics & DialsThis section covers the electronics enclosure assembly. Also includes the left, center, right door assembly, printer assembly, light box assembly and the touch pad door panels.
  • HydraulicsThis section covers the filter adaptor body, check valve, meters, pulsers, totalizers, discharge hydraulics, vapor control assembly, and hose outlet adapter.
  • Outer ShellThis section covers the trim assembly, nozzle well, nozzle well body, lower frame, end panel assembly, enclosure support assembly, center enclosure assembly, and the canopy assembly.
  • Suction SystemThis section covers the motor assembly, rotary pump assembly, rotary pump air separator and the suction system.


Schlumberger 4000
  • Cables & Harness PartsThis section covers cables for the Schlumberger Dispenser including cables for Intercom, Canopy Light, Sale Dispenser to Main Boards, PPU's, Touchpads, Barrier to Pulser, Lower J-Box Harness, Ballasts, Relay Boards, Beeper, CPU to Cash/Credit Switch, Barrier to J-Box, Printer/Card Reader, Power Supply and more.
  • Electronics PartsThis section covers the following parts: Fluorescent Bulb, Ballast, Dispenser Speaker, Capacitor, Dispenser Beeper, LCD's, Touchpads, CPU Board, Display Board, Power Supply, Relay Board, Option 3 Board, Card Cage Backplane Board, Axiom Printer Interconnect Board, Card Reader/Printer Driver Board, Debit/Printer Driver Board, Vapor Vac Interface Board, Pulser Sensor, Switch-Cash/Credit Button, Credit Card Reader, Transformer Assembly, Debit Module, Intrinsic Safety Barrier, and Printer-Axiom Front Loading.
  • Frame PartsIncluded in this section are the following: 4100/4200 Frame Assembly, 4100/4200 Cabinet Assembly, 4100/4200 Computer Head Assembly, 4300/4400 Frame Assembly, 4300/4400 Cabinet Assembly, 4300/4400 Computer Head Assembly, 4000 Truck Stop Frame Assembly and 4000 Truck Stop Cabinet Assembly.
  • Hydraulic & Mechanical PartsSome of the products covered in this section include: Gasket, Meter Manifold, Hose Outlet, Adapter, Pipe Coupling, Vapor Manifold, Check Valve, Bushings, Mechanical Totalizer, Blend Valve Assembly, Filter Casting, Product Manifold, Tubing, Switch Mechanism, Lift Handle, Pulser Totalizer Assembly and more.

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