Allied Electronics offers the following types of forecourt controllers, which give the Point Of Sale (POS) the ability to interface to a plethora of devices within a fueling station.

NeXGen Prime AEGIS NeXGen

Both controllers support the following devices:

  • Dispensers
  • In dispenser card readers and cash acceptors
  • In dispenser bar code readers
  • Pay at the pump debit systems
  • RFID payment systems
  • Stand Alone Payment terminals
  • Car wash controllers
  • Tank gauge/leak detection systems
  • Electronic Price Signs
  • Fuel additive systems
  • Unattended/Change Back Machines
  • Card processing networks via lease line, VSAT and dial- up methods

The POS manufacturer must develop that application which will interface to the appropriate Allied controller. After receiving a signed non-disclosure agreement, Allied will provide software and interface specifications to the requesting party.

For a list of our POS Integration Partners click here.

Questions pertaining to the interface specifications will be answered by a qualified Allied representative. For specific information regarding supported devices, or to obtain a hard copy of Allied's non-disclosure agreement, please contact Al Magro or call (800) 223- 3619 or (215) 785- 6200 (from within Pennsylvania).

The Non-Disclosure Agreement can be downloaded now by clicking here.

Allied Electronics, Inc. also offers training classes are little to no cost and are designed to fit busy schedules. Contact Eric Licause for more information on AEGIS or NeXGen training.

Allied also recommends the POS vendor supplies the Quality Assurance department with a functioning system. This will dramatically enhance our ability to assist with troubleshooting, once the systems are installed into field locations.