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Smart Power Means Smart $avings!

  • $ave your equipment from costly repairs & unnecessary service calls.
  • $ave your customers from the frustration of a wasted visit.
  • $ave throughout the month of September on the purchase of a Smart Cord Electronic Power Conditioner and Surge Suppressor!
Smart Cord

The Smart Cord is ideal for environments where a power conditioner is required yet space is limited – but every bit as susceptible to Mother Nature’s wrath!


  • High Voltage Surge & Lightning Protection
  • Low Voltage Spike & Noise Protection
  • Prolonged Over Voltage Protection (POVP)
  • Reverse Polarity / No Ground Protection
  • Common and Normal Mode Noise Filtering
  • Ground Loop Protection
  • Faulty Wiring Protection

Perfect for:

  • Point-of-Sale Systems
  • Digital Signage
  • Security Systems
  • Kiosks
  • Submersible Controllers
  • Variable Frequency Controllers
  • Forecourt (Pump) Controllers

Avoid system crashes and frustrated customer!

Order today while supplies last!

Offer Expires: 9/30/22


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P/N UTBF10SG-120
MSRP $137.00
YOUR PRICE: $87.00


For more information, contact Al Magro your power protection expert at Allied Electronics at 215-785-6200!

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