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Self Defense is the only way to keep the gas in, and the bad guys out!

Pump Security

Allied Electronics is proud to announce the latest addition to our e-Store: Defender One® Pump Security

Gasoline theft has been a problem for decades. Long before (and after) skimmers came along, thieves would remove fuel dispenser doors, damage pulsers, even modify dispenser programming.

Defender One - Pump Security offers a solution that prevents fuel theft by disabling a breached fuel dispenser without cutting power!

✔️ Interfaces with existing POS, security, and alarm panels
✔️ Active Alarm system per dispenser with ear piercing 110 dB alarm will sound when breached
✔️ No contracts or monthly subscriptions required
✔️ Works with any brand of fuel dispenser and no need to upgrade software
✔️ UL listed and certified
✔️ Battery back-up provides protection during power outages

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Offer Expires: 5/31/22

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