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Nothing says "Happy Independence Day" like fireworks – as long as they aren't coming from your sensitive point-of-sale (POS) equipment!

And today's microprocessor-based electronics are more sensitive than EVER, which is why the POS Guardian from Smart Power Systems is CRITICAL to protecting your POS systems and peripherals.

But this isn’t your Founding Father’s electrical protection! Check out these features:

  • "POVP™" (prolonged over voltage protection)
  • Low voltage spike & noise protection in common code
  • Smart Ground for Ground Loop Protection
  • High voltage surge & lightning protection -- Stops dangerous surges from damaging POS terminals and other microprocessor-based electronics
  • Identifies Bad Wiring (US Patent # 5721661): Exclusive Smart Technology protects connected equipment against reverse polarity or no ground, making the POS Guardian Fail-Safe
  • Network RJ45 Protection
  • Phone Line RJ11 Protection

Enjoy the benefits of power protection including a lifetime product warranty and reduced downtime – which is especially critical over the summer holidays when finding an available technician to repair damaged products can be nearly impossible!

P/N TBF15P-1121TN
MSRP $182.00
YOUR PRICE: $119.00

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For more information, contact Al Magro your power protection expert at Allied Electronics at 215-785-6200!

Offer Expires: 7/31/18

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