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TA Expands with NXG

Travel Centers of America, the iconic highway respite for travelers of all shapes and sizes for generations, continues its expansion across the country "“ but not solely with truck stops. The chain is making significant headway in the c-store arena. Dozens of new locations have begun flying the TA banner since 2013 as a result of acquisitions and new construction, and the growth continues at a swift pace in 2015. Of course, a critical component for any truck stop and travel center is fuel "“ and there is zero-tolerance for failure. That's why TA wisely chose the powerful NeXGen Forecourt Controller. Already the choice of truck stops and travel plazas across North America for over a decade, NeXGen has proven to be a reliable and robust solution. There is no bigger test for a forecourt controller than the truck stop and travel plaza environment, and there's no bigger endorsement for the NeXGen Forecourt Controller than its continued adoption by this arena. Read the article "TravelCenters of America Building C-Store Empire" for more information on the company's plans with its ever-increasing network.

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