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Fuel Flow Efficiency At The Pump

How "clean" is the fuel dispensed at your site?
How do your customers react to slow fueling at your dispensers?
How often do you change your dispenser filters?

Surprisingly, an inexpensive dispenser part found at every fueling site could be an expensive problem if not properly managed. Fuel filters collect unwanted particles from transferring to a customer's fuel tank. When these particles build up in the filter, the rate of fuel dispensed can slow down dramatically causing disruption and frustration. Slow dispenser flow could be an indication of issues with the pump, the tank, the fuel or a combination of all three.

As a site operator or technician, you should familiarize yourself with the quality of fuel dispensed by examining the contents of a used filter. By inspecting your filters on a regular basis, early determinations of tank or filter corrosion can be realized before costly repairs are required.

It is recommended that fuel filters are replaced at least once a year for moderate volume facilities and more frequently the higher the volume. This maintenance practice can not only eliminate costly equipment expenses, but also lost sales for the site.

Allied Electronics has the largest petroleum superstore with over 57,000 products including PetroClear filters. Contact Allied's Parts Department at 215-785-6200 or for all your dispenser filter needs.

Read more about PetroClear and the importance or filter maintenance at:Filters Keep Operational Intelligence Flowing

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