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Allied Wireless has proven to be a secure and reliable solution for both EMV communication and driving media to the pump. But what about sites that need a solution for wireless serial connection to the dispenser or card reader? Allied Electronics has a solution for that as well! The Serial to IP Conversion Adapters were developed for the retail fueling industry as a means to communicate to current loop and RS232/RS485 data through a TCP/IP ethernet network. This adapter makes your serial data compatible in an ethernet environment without jeopardizing the integrity of the information transmitted.

The Serial to IP Conversion Adapters work in conjunction with the Allied Wireless In-Dispenser and In-Store Units, supplying fast communication throughout the forecourt. Each adapter includes two communication ports, one for Fuel the second for Payment. The Serial to Conversion Adapters can support either current loop or RS232/RS485 communication and can be set up as an active in-dispenser master and a passive subscriber inside the store via simple dip switch and jumper settings.

Sites need a solution for broken conduit, damaged wiring underground or installation of new dispensers without having to excavate their forecourt. Allied Electronics has the answer with the Serial to IP Conversion Adapters. The connection is fast, easy, and does not require the site to be shut down during the installation process. Contact Allied Electronics today to learn more.

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