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"That's why the forecourt matters."

A recent NACS article mentioned long-time Allied NeXGen users who remain vigilant with regards to site cleanliness and customer service, especially at the gas pumps. The forecourt is finally being recognized as more than just a gentle cattle chute into the store for that critical high-margin purchase. The forecourt is the customer's first impression. For many, that first impression not only correlates directly to an in-store purchase, it is also the determining factor on a return visit.

And we"re now learning that in spite of a deluge of loyalty programs and pump-top televisions, more than half of all those pay-at-pump customers don't even enter the c-store! Perhaps that first impression deserves a second look from petroleum marketers.

Allied's online gas station superstore sells ALL of the products mentioned in the NACS article from hand sanitizer and squeegees to washer fluid tablets and FuelCall systems.


And in deference to the large marketing investments touted by petroleum technology providers, perhaps retailers should be inquiring about the technology that's already available at the location. Pump-top picture tubes, showing old news and clips of last night's talk shows, can actually be more of a marketing distraction than a lucrative sales vehicle.

For all those customers who take the "fuel and go" approach, let the superior technology of the NeXGen and Aegis forecourt controllers do the vending for you directly at the pump while leveraging existing price rollback functionality.

And if your state allows it, Allied's controllers can even drive lottery sales at the pump!

Contact Allied Electronics for more information on first impressions, vending, and a new lottery feature called "Play at the Pump"!

And then read the NACS article "4 WAYS TO IMPROVE THE CUSTOMER PUMP EXPERIENCE" by Frank Beard of GasBuddy.

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