FuelCall FuelCall FuelCall

Part Number: FuelCall
  • Manufacturer: FuelCall

FuelCall FuelCall FuelCall

Part Number: FuelCall

  • Manufacturer: FuelCall

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FuelCall Refueling Assistance at the Pump

FuelCall enables customers with disabilities to call for refueling assistance. Using the BigBell™ over-sized touch pad, customers alert in-store staff that they need assistance. When the chime rings inside the convenience store, the attendant goes out to assist the driver.

FuelCall is simple, affordable and easy to use. FuelCall is a complete system which includes:

  • (2) BigBell™ Transmitters – consistent with ADA law and passes the Department of Justice “fist test”
  • (1) Wireless Chime Receiver – easily heard by all employees
  • (2) Steel J-Bars – for proper mounting of BigBell™, reinforced to handle abuse
  • Signage – two for island cap and one roadside marquee
  • Installation Tools
FuelCall Single Kit - Ideal for Stations with Regular Gas Pumps Only
FuelCall Standard Kit - Ideal for Stations with Both Regular Gas and Alternative Fuel Pumps

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all self-service gas stations to pump gas for their customers with disabilities when there is more than one employee on duty. For more information refer to the ADA Business Brief - Assistance at the Gas Stations

Confused about the ADA standards and requirements?
- Download this 2010 ADA Standards specification sheet to learn more.

ATTENTION All Delaware gas stations:
Delaware state law now requires that you have a call device on one of your fuel islands to assist senior citizens and disabled drivers in refueling their vehicle.

Station OwnersYou may want to watch this video.

Download FuelCall Video

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