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Orpak USA is a subsidiary of OrpakSystems Ltd.which develops, manufactures and markets end-to-end solutions for the automation ofservice stations and fleet management for more than 10 years to its worldwide customer base.

Orpak's products are deployed in more than 20,000 service stations and5 million vehicles in more than 40 countries around the world.

Orpak'scustomers and end-users includemajor oil companies(BP, Shell, Total,Repsol, Texaco,Engen, IOCL, HPCLand Rompetrol),municipalities(Philadelphia, Colorado Springs, San Diego),governmental departments(South African Department of Transport, New Hampshire Department of Transport),airports(JFK, Charles de Gaulle, Schiphol, Copenhagen),corporations(IBM, Motorola, Sysco Foods and Wal-Mart),station ownersandmajor fleets.

Orpakdistributes its Home Based solution as the OEM for the Gasboy PLUS line of products in North America. Gasboy has more than 100 distributors in North America.

Our Secured Payment Terminal has installation flexibility with dispenser retrofits, wall mounts and island pedestals. The OrSPT works with the Allied Electronics NeXGen controller as an Island Payment Terminal (IPT) or a Dispenser Payment Terminal (DPT). This all-in-one solution has:

1.Key entry
2. Dual sided magnetic card reader
3. EMV chip and PIN card reader
4. Plus contactless card and tag reader

This terminal is PCI PTS certified; Interac approved and has EMV Levels 1 and 2 certifications to make it one of the most robust secured outdoor payment terminals.

Please visit us at for more details.

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