30 Micron 1" 12 UNF 3/4" Flow 4x5 Filter

Part Number: 40530P
30 Micron 1" 12 UNF 3/4" Flow 4x5 Filter

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Product Specifications

The Model 40530P is a particulate removing spin on filter with 30 micron cellulose which is recommended for gasoline and heavier distillates such as diesel fuels and fuel oils. The 40530P utilizes a standard 1 -12UNF mounting thread 3/4 flow required for most fuel dispensers. The 40530P is designed to remove particulates gasoline, diesel, and alcohol blended fuels with 15 % maximum alcohol. It utilizes an epoxy coated interior shell to eliminate oxidation which can cause pin-hole leaks from the inside. PetroClear filters are not to be used with aviation fuels.