10 Micron 1 1/2" 16 UNF 1" Flow 4x5 Filter

Part Number: 40510A-AD
10 Micron 1 1/2" 16 UNF 1" Flow 4x5 Filter

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Product Specifications

The Alert Model 40510A-AD is a phase separation detecting and particulate removing filter with 10 micron cellulose media which is recommended For gasoline and alcohol blended fuels when a higher cleanliness level is required. The 40510A-AD utilizes a standard 1.5 -16 UNF mounting thread 1 inch flow required for high flow fuel dispensers. The 40510A-AD is designed to detect phase separation in alchol-gasoline blended fuels with 15 % maximum alcohol and is compatible with unleaded gasoline and regular gasoline eliminating the need to change filters if you change fuels. It utilizes an epoxy coated interior shell to eliminate oxidation which can cause pin-hole leaks from the inside. PetroClear filters are not to be used with aviation fuels.