Forward Throw Enhanced Optic 250W Equivalent Wall Pack

Part Number: WMFT-250
Forward Throw Enhanced Optic 250W Equivalent Wall Pack

Product Details

Product Specifications

The Jarvis Lighting WMFT series is a medium sized LED forward throw wall pack for outdoor usage. Typical applications include wall-mounted security lighting, commercial lighting, car washes and other similar applications.

 - Combines LED technology with a traditional form factor and appearance.
- Housing design allows for an easy, "hands free" installation.
- Patent-pending internal optic eliminates most upward light spread. Competitors’ designs send a large amount of light upwards where it is wasted. The WMFT design puts nearly all of its light on the ground, creating a brighter space.
- Can be used to replace metal halide, sodium, CFL or other old lighting technologies. Can be used to replace old lights with wattages from 100W to 320W.
- Durable design features an aluminum housing and a prismatic glass lens.
- 0-10V Dimming compatible.
- DesignLights Consortium® Qualified – Rebate eligible in most areas.
- ETL Listed for Wet Locations.
- Includes a 10 Year Limited Warranty with Labor Allowance.