Vac Assist 7 1/2' Hose

Part Number: VST-ISP-090-SS
Vac Assist 7 1/2' Hose

Product Details

Product Specifications

Vapor Recovery Assist 7.5' Hose with a swivel on both ends
Designed for Vacuum Assist systems where maximum flow rates and efficiency are required. Lightweight and flexible construction. Provides the most user-friendly vacuum assist hose available in the market, with up to 40% improved flow rates over the standard, commonly used 3/4" ID vacuum assist hoses.

VST’s unique spring-loaded lip seal, coupled with our bearing sleeve design, provides
superior swivel performance.

Customer Benefits:
• Reduces user exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) – gasoline vapors
• Lightweight assembly
• Offers maximum kink resistance
• Easy to handle