Digital Air Machine - GAST Compressor

Part Number: 8670-DIGP
Digital Air Machine - GAST Compressor

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Product Specifications

8670-DIG-VR Digital Air Machine - GAST Compressor - Vault Ready Note: Unit shown with optional pedastal. Features: Requires 10 AMP service Dimensions: 16.5"H x 12.5"D X 18.5"W 3/4 HP oil less GAST air compressor with 18-month warranty (Replacement Item #9862) Inflates/Deflates to preset pressure Easy to read LCD backlit display shows price for service and amount of remaining money needed Electric touch button used to set desired tire pressure with + and - buttons Wall or pedestal mounted (Item #8819) **PEDESTAL SOLD SEPARATELY** Built in unit heater Temperature safe from -20 degrees F to 158 degrees F Automatic compressor shut off Electronic pressure relief valve JB7 coin box with locking cover (Replacement Item #8773) High security lock bar system Coin box holds 1400 quarters or $350.00 (Replacement Item #8773-A) Imonex mechanical coin acceptor takes quarters (Replacement Item #8124B001) Flat tire button determines back pressure and fills accordingly Pressure range 4-70 psi (accuracy +/- .5 psi)