Allied Electronics Isolation Box 32

Part Number: AEIB-32
Allied Electronics Isolation Box 32

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Product Specifications

The Allied Isolation box can be used to provide one central location to wire all of the Dresser Wayne CAT's or any free standing Island card reader that uses the RS485 specification. The Isolation box provides a switch for each device, thereby permitting service personnel to electronically bypass a cardreader for service and/or repair issues. The Isolation box is designed with a unique four-channel layout. The four channels are independent of each other and it is recommended that the cardreaders be equally divided across the four channels. The Isolation board has 2 RJ45 connections (In/Out) and is enclosed in a metal enclosure that has 1/2" and 3/4" knockouts on two sides. Metallic conduit must be inserted into the number of knockouts the installer decides is appropriate. The wires from the cardreaders should be fed through the conduit.