Super Vac, 3 motor, small SS dome

Part Number: 9200-3
Super Vac, 3 motor, small SS dome

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Product Specifications

This J. E. Adams 9200-3 unit comes standard with a super vacuum. It includes 3 motors, a digital display, and a large stainless steel dome. There are (3) 1.6 HP, 120 volt motors. There is a Dixmor digital display timer with a built-in coin counter. The digital display can be easily programmed with a remote control, which is available at a normal charge (part #8000-30). There is an internal vacuum hose threading system. It accepts bills and quarters. It includes a black 2" x 15' hose, with a swivel cuff and nozzle included. For more details, click on the product specifications sheet above.