Replacement 950 Thermal Printer

Part Number: VER-3200
Replacement 950 Thermal Printer

Product Details

Product Specifications

Direct Replacement for Verifone™ 950 Printer
  • Uses your existing Verifone™ 950 printer cable and adapter
  • Prints receipts 5 times faster then the Verifone™ 950 printer
  • Thermal printers have less moving parts than other printers
  • Much quieter than the Verifone™ 950 dot matrix printer
  • Spill-Shield™ designed to prevent liquid spills from entering internal mechanism
  • Small size and front printing receipt make printer ideal for under counter location
  • Large capacity (4” diameter) drop in paper loading
  • Has a 425 ft. paper capacity, Verifone™ 950 has 150 ft. paper capacity
  • Stores journal electronically for daily or monthly printing (Depends on daily transaction amount, holds 32MB of info or approximately eighty, 425 ft. rolls)
  • Available in black to match POS system
  • One Year Warranty