3/4" X 9" Swivel Both Ends Low Perm Whip Hose
3/4" X 9" Swivel Both Ends Low Perm Whip Hose
Part #: V34EC-009-MSMS
Price: $48.02

Enviro-Loc™ Low Permeation Premium Conventional Whip Hose 3/4" X 9" swivel on both ends

These low permeation assemblies offer the customer ease of use as well as lower emission exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOC) from fuel vapors – some of the lowest possible emissions in the industry! VST continues to push the innovative envelope in developing equipment aimed at improving air and water quality.

Customer Benefits:
• Reduces user exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds, (VOC) – gasoline vapors
• Lightweight assembly
• Easy to handle

Design Features - Hose Assemblies:
• Exceeds the UL 330 low permeation specifications
• Dual helix wire design for maximum kink resistance
• Factory assembled and tested

Certifications & Listings:
• UL 330 Listed Hose Assemblies
• California Air Resources Board (CARB) Certified