1" x 20' Swivel on Each End Hose
1" x 20' Swivel on Each End Hose
Part #: V10CP-240-MSMS
Price: $163.35

VSTaflex Conventional Curb Hose 1" X 20' swivel on each end

VSTaflex hose assemblies eliminate non-value added system components like 3rd party hose swivels and attachable in-line flow limiters by integrating then into the VST fitting design.

Design Features:
Lip Seal Swivel Coupling:
• Engineered for ease of use with minimal swivel resistance
• Easy swivel action eliminates the need for 3rd party hose swivels
• Directly connects to the nozzle eliminating multiple leak points

Customer Benefits:
• Lightweight assembly
• Easy to handle
• Eliminates potential leak points
• Low cost of ownership