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As the summer heats up, your sensitive POS equipment becomes even more susceptible to power surges, low voltage (brown outs), and lightning. And you especially can’t have that happen during peak hours or while store personnel are performing shift changes or end-of-day procedures!

The Venus II UPS Series of uninterruptible power supplies, with Transformer-Based Filter (TBF™) offers high performance and feature-rich power protection.

Venus II UPS

This UPS lowers power protection costs by providing the versatility of 6 receptacles (4 UPS + 2 surge/filter only) for your equipment.
Benefits and features include battery backup, automatic save & shutdown software for unattended computers, and an optional LCD.

Also included is Smart Power’s patented “Smart Ground” technology, which controls ground noise to protect network systems and also eliminates ground loop current

Venus II UPS

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Venus II UPS By SmartPower Systems
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