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Spring cleaning doesn't have to be messy – even when changing dirty fuel filters.

Remove those filters the fast and "EZ" way with the Cim–Tek EZ-GRIP Filter Cup!

CimTek EZ-Grip Filter Cup

  • Innovative cup design is engineered to grip the filter and catch fuel when replacing dispenser filters...No Mess!
  • Allows for faster change-outs and less dispenser downtime.
  • Cup helps to avoid getting fuel directly on hands/skin and spills in sump.
  • Fuel filter cup can be used on all brands; styles of fuel filters at the dispenser.

The Cim-Tek EZ-GRIP Filter Cup is made to withstand the aggressive nature of Gasoline, Diesel, and Biofuels.
And when you purchase a case (12) or more of either 40510A or 40510A-AD, you'll get one filter cup for FREE!
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Offer valid online until April 30, 2017

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